‘Sandy’s sporting gear’: It’s not the same as beachwear

When it comes to sandals, it is not exactly the same thing as beach clothes, but that is the kind of thing that has attracted the attention of fashion designer Sandy’s Sports Goods.

The Australian-owned company has been making the sandals and sandals in Australia since 1892 and has now produced over 2 million pairs of sandals.

In fact, its flagship range of sandal and shoe shoes has become so popular that the brand has had to go back to the drawing board to find the right materials for its new products.

The new Sandal and Sandal Shoes range is the latest addition to the company’s long-standing range, and the first to be made in Australia.

The brand’s latest offering, which comes in a variety of colours, is called the Sandy’s Sport Sandals.

The product is made of lightweight synthetic material, is made from a blend of premium polyester, polyester and nylon, and is made to support the wearer’s feet, the brand says.

It’s made in China and is available in sizes up to XS (21.6cm).

The brand also has a range of shoes that it has created to help support the foot.

They are made from lightweight, polyurethane foam, are made in Taiwan and are available in S (23cm), M (28.6 cm), L (32.8 cm) and XL (36cm).

For a limited time, the company is also selling sandals made from the same material, called the Sandal of the World.

They can be found at sportinggoods.com.au for just $19.99.

It seems that sandals have a lot to offer the fashion industry, but not everyone agrees.

While many people might prefer a pair of sanders, many others prefer something that has a more natural feel and feel like sandpaper.

“When I first saw this product, I was like ‘wow, I’ve never heard of sandpaper, I just don’t understand the appeal of this’,” Sandals of the world founder and creative director, Nick Sussman told news.com, “But I’m also glad that Sandy’s has found a way to create a sandal that has the same feeling of comfort and stability as sandpaper and sandal laces.”

Sandals and Laces are made by hand, using a combination of a combination sanding and lacing machine and the brand uses the same materials as its footwear and footwear accessories.

The laces are also hand-crafted.

The company is a small family business, and Mr Sussmans brother Nick runs the business.

“Sandy is really focused on delivering quality products, so the product I saw on the website, they were really impressed with it and they wanted to get it made,” Mr Sssman said.

“They were very supportive of us going the extra mile, which was really cool and a great feeling to have.”

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