How to make the most of your cheap, no-frills, no sweat, cheap-shoe, cheap footwear

I’ve always had a soft spot for cheap-shine shoes, even when they’re really noisier than some other brands.

But that softness seems to be disappearing.

If you’re looking to save a few bucks, there’s a few cheap-wear staples that will make you a happier shopper.1.

No-frill sneakers.

I like no-fringe sneakers, they’re cheap and they fit nicely.

No frills, not cheap.2.

No sweat socks.

A pair of socks that won’t go anywhere in a dry, sweaty office.3.

No matter the season, the classic sock.

The classic sock is a pair of white cotton sneakers that are comfortable, lightweight, and can be worn all day.4.

No socks or flip flops.

Not the most comfortable pair of shoes, but they don’t require much to keep you dry and comfortable.5.

Biker boots.

Bikers wear boots, not flats.

You’re more likely to be injured or killed on a bicycle than a foot.6.


The ones you wear on the street.

The type of shoe you wear when you’re at home, when you need to be alone, and when you really want to be out in the world.7.

Shoe bags.

A nice, small, handy bag for carrying your shoes.8.


A decent pair of shorts.9.


The shoes you’re wearing when you go out.

The kind of shoes you wear while you’re home, and at home.10.


A little more stylish than shoes, and it’s a lot less expensive than sneakers.11.


A lot of them.12.


Tshirts that you buy in the mall or on sale.13.

Sneaker bags.

Nicely sized, reusable bag for holding your sneakers.14.


Good value for your money, and you’ll probably ride them around.15.

Shoes and shoeshoes.

The best of the best, and they’re super comfy, too.



Good for gloves, especially if you wear them outside.



Pretty cool, but I don’t really use them.18.


Nice for wristbands, but not very stylish.19.


A great way to keep your money at home or to store it at your workplace.20.


A place to store your jewelry.

I usually keep my wedding bands and rings in my backpack.21.


Great for making yourself look better and more confident.22.

Belly pads.

Bodies and heads that will hold up over time.23.


A small pocket to stash money or food.24.


Shoes are the best.

I love my sneakers and I don´t have to worry about getting cold, so my tights are perfect.25.


Pretty neat, and I wash my hands.26.

Shoeshoes, socks, sockshoes etc. If I have to buy new socks or shoes, I’ll buy the new ones.

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