Football players to be charged with shoplifting after allegedly stealing football gear

Sporting goods giant WSB Group will be sued for allegedly shoplifting from a Melbourne shopping centre on Sunday.

Key points:The WSB said it would not comment on the lawsuitThe lawsuit was filed in the ACT Federal CourtIn court documents, the group’s owner is alleged to have taken items from stores in Sydney and MelbourneIt is alleged the defendants stole football shirts, hats and shortsThe Melbourne court documents say the defendants allegedly stole merchandise valued at more than $US50,000, and the group was unaware of the alleged theft.

The WA-based company, which operates in six states including New South Wales, has a history of dealing with legal issues in Australia and the United States.

The documents say that in 2014, the defendants were accused of “trespassing” in a store in Sydney.

They are alleged to “walk up to customers with large sums of money in hand and ask them to pay for items without their permission”.

“When the customers refused, the defendant then allegedly walked to the checkout counter to ‘steal’ the items and leave the store without paying for them,” the court documents allege.

The defendants were later charged with stealing items worth $US25,000 and the court said the defendants would have to pay “a significant sum” in damages.

“The defendants will have to defend themselves from the allegations in the Complaint,” it said.

“In particular, they will have the burden of proving that the Defendant did not know or have reason to suspect that the items were stolen or that the Defendants intended to defraud the Commonwealth.”

In its statement, the company said it “did not know of or understand” the alleged shoplifting.

“As a result, we are unable to comment on this matter and the matter will be dealt with in accordance with our legal process,” the statement said.’

We’ll get to the bottom of it’The WA Supreme Court will decide whether the suit is successful.

In the statement, WSB denied it was responsible for the alleged “stealing” of the merchandise.

“We are not responsible for what other customers do with their own goods,” it stated.”WSB does not condone shoplifting, and we are not involved in the business of accepting merchandise for sale.”

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