‘Best Sports Gear for the Money’: $300 Nike Air Max 1 review

“This is one of those brands that’s just going to blow you away.”—Barry Beyer, sports writer, The Sporting News article “The Nike AirMax 1 is a great sportswear, for the price.”—Matt Schmeltzer, sports editor, Sports Illustrated “The air-knit, knit-lined upper is an incredible fit and is a solid piece of gear.”—Chris Carter, sports columnist, The Oklahoman “The AirMax is a classic midsole that’s as comfortable as it is functional.”—John Eder, sports blogger, Deadspin “I can wear it for weeks and still find it to be a good deal.”—David T. Pritchard, writer, Sportsman’s Journal “The first time I wore this shoe was to a wedding in North Carolina and my husband didn’t know the name of the shoe.

I wore it for the whole wedding and the kids said they’re going to wear it all the time.

It’s so comfortable.”—Ryan T., sports writer for the Oklahomer, The Guardian, and Bleacher Report article “I bought a pair because I wanted something to go with my new Nike Air Jordan 4.

I also wanted something that would complement my Nike Air Zoom, which I already had.

When I found the Air Max I was surprised at how good of a fit and comfort I was getting.

I’m glad I found a pair of these.”—Josiah T., retail manager, Nike, The New York Times article “When I saw the Nike AirMAX 1, I thought ‘I’ll be getting one of these’.

It’s a very good shoe for the money.

It fits right and the color is really nice.”—Logan Brown, owner of Sportsman Sports, Inc., The Sporting New York article “These are the shoes I’m wearing right now, and I have a few more pairs that I’m planning to buy.

It feels so comfortable and so comfortable to wear these shoes.”—Joey D., sports editor at ESPN.com, ESPN The Magazine, and ESPN Insider article “If you want a shoe that will fit you for years, this is a perfect shoe.

If you want to keep up with the latest trends and get the most out of your sneakers, these are the sneakers you need.”—Jordan G., sports blogger for the Oklahoma City Thunder, ESPN Insider “The shoe is so comfortable, but it’s also incredibly versatile.

It can be worn for long sessions on the beach, or at the gym.

It looks great with anything you wear it with.”—Adam G., sporting goods consultant, The Sports Palisades, and Sports Illustrated article “Great for a wide range of situations.

I like the versatility.

You can wear these with sneakers, sandals, and tennis shoes.

It has a great grip and will keep you warm.”—Mark M., sports consultant, Nike Sports, The Boston Globe article “It’s one of my favorite shoes of all time.

I’ve worn it for days and I’ve had no complaints about it.

It does everything I need it to do and I’m happy I picked up a pair.”—Nick H., sporting consultant, Sports Elite Sports, and The New Yorker article “My wife and I are going to start wearing this pair everyday.

I love that it is so light and breathable and comfortable.

I’ll be a lot more comfortable and confident.”—Scott C., athletic trainer, Crossfit Boston, and Nike Sportswear article “Absolutely love these shoes!

I’m not wearing them anymore, but I’m definitely going to.

I definitely think they’re a great buy for the high price.”—”Matt T.,” sports writer at ESPN, ESPN.org, and Sporting News, The Seattle Times article “‘Slimmer, but stronger than you thought’: Nike Air Boost is the best deal on a pair” article “There is no other shoe on the market that offers so many features.

If they can bring in the $150 Nike AirBoost model, that is going to be the shoe that you want for the long haul.”—Tim R., sports reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly.com article “We’re looking forward to the AirMax 2 in the near future.”—Brandon L., sports journalist for the Sporting News “These shoes are super comfortable and incredibly versatile.”—Paul J., sports director at Nike Sports USA, Nike.com “They are so comfortable.

They are so light.

They’re so versatile.

They have so many different ways to use them.

They just feel like the perfect pair for the type of workouts I’m doing right now.”—Derek L., owner of Nike Sport Shop, The Daily Meal, and SportVU, The Los Angeles Times article

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