All-New Teen Titans: The Next Generation #1 cover revealed!

MTV News article This week on MTV News, Teen Titans star Raven Williams joins host Katie Dippold to preview all-new Teen Titans #1, which launches June 14, 2019.

The new Teen Titans relaunch comes two years after the critically acclaimed Titans #2 was released, and just two months after the Titans were picked up for a second series on CBS All Access.

Here’s what you need to know about the relaunch.

What do you get in the box?

Teen Titans series #1 is a six-issue miniseries, with a story by superstar artist Jock, and will be published by Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics.

It will include an issue of Teen Titans.

Teen Titans season three arrives June 27. 

The new series will feature a new team of Titans.

The Titans are a young group of superheroes with unique powers that have been raised from a very young age by their adoptive father, Booster Gold.

The original Titans team, who originally appeared in the Teen Titans comic books, are now the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Teen Titans # 1 features the first in a six issue mini-series, written by Jock.

The mini-comic series features the Teen Titan’s adventures in their home city of Metropolis and the world of Metahumans. 

This is the first time in years that Teen Titans have been given a “home” team.

This has also been done in the past with Teen Titans issues of Teenage Chase and Teen Titans Adventures.

Teen Titan is the newest team in the series, and the first Teen Titans team that has been given an actual home. 

Raven Williams, who plays Raven in the rebooted Teen Titans, is excited to get to introduce the new team. 

“I think it’s great that they are starting a new chapter, but I also think that we’re going to have to find out a lot about what makes the Teeny Titans so special.

I’m super excited about it.

We’re all so excited,” she said. 

 What’s in the new Teen Titan box? 

“The Teen Titans will have a lot to do with their own origin stories and how they got to where they are.

So the Teen’s first appearance in this book is a really big moment for the team, as well as a huge moment for Raven and all the other Teen Titans that will appear in this series,” Williams said.

Raven and the other new Teenagers will explore how their powers came to be. 

There’s a big mystery at the heart of the Teenagers origin story. 

Here’s what readers will learn about: Who are the Teenys?

The Teen Titans are an elite group of superpowered heroes from Metropolis.

They were raised as the offspring of a mutant and an Atlantean scientist who created them.

Their powers come from their parents’ mutant DNA.

What happens to the Teens when they get older? 

Teeny Titans #3 will feature an all-New team of Teenagers.

These Teenagers are an exclusive group of Teen Titan allies, but are still under the control of their parents, Booster and the Teene Titans.

What will they learn from this team? 

As the Teentitans move through Metropolis, Raven and other new members of the team discover that they have some special abilities that can make them different from other Teeny Titan. 

Who’s going to be in Teen Titans Titans # 3? 

All-New, All-Different Teen Titans is a new ongoing series from writer Jock Tanabe and artist Jason Fabok.

The series takes place between Teen Titans Annual #1 and Teen Titan #3, with new Teeny Teen Titans characters appearing every month in Teen Titan issues of issue #4, and Teeny Tons Adventures of issue 3.

Teeny Turtles is set to debut in Teen Teen Titans volume #1 on June 20. 

What will happen in Teeny Turtle #1?

Teeny turtles, as they are known in the comic book, are a new breed of Teeny TMNT.

They are a special breed of turtle-like creatures that have the ability to grow to huge sizes and have a range of other powers.

Teen Turtles are members of a group called the Turtles.

Teen Turtle # 1 will feature the first appearance of a Teen Turtle in the TMNT comic book series, which has also featured Teeny Toad and Teen Turtles Adventures of Teen Toms Adventures. 

Why is Teeny Turret #1 so important? 

This series introduces the Teen Turtles to their new home of Metopia, where they learn about the many powers of the Turtles and their own history. 

Will you see more Teen Titans in the coming months? 

The TeenyTitans team is currently busy on their adventures in Metropolis before TeenyTurrets debut in June.

It looks like Teeny Turbo will be part of the main team at some point in the

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